Ecologists will be in Cudi on September 17

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  • 09:40 15 September 2022
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BATMAN - Ecologists who will participate in the Cudi Rally said, "Let's stop this rent and massacre. Every person who participates will save a tree."
Democratic Society Congress (DTK), Free Women's Movement (TJA), Democratic Regions Party (DBP), Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) and Mesopotamia Ecology Movement will march to the Cudi Mountain region of Şırnak on September 17 to draw attention to ecological destruction. It is expected that there will be intense participation from many cities in the rally, which will be held with the slogan "We are marching against the destruction of war and the plunder of nature". Ecologists Hüseyin Akil and Rıdvan Ayhan, who will participate in the rally from Batman, stated that they will say "stop" to the plunder of nature.
Ecologist Hüseyin Akil called for participation in the Judi Rally and said, "The pillage in Kurdistan started in 1071 and it continues today." Akil said, "The plundering of nature in the lands of Kurdistan has been going on for years. However, this plundering has increased during the conflict. Forests are destroyed. Soldiers are burning down the trees and cutting them. Tons of trees are cut down and loaded onto trucks every day. This situation continues uninterruptedly. This brutality has been going on for months in Cudi, Besta and Gabar. It is very important that the rally is strong in order to end this brutality. Every person who participates will save a tree. Let's stop the plunder of nature together."
Akil criticized the fact that some segments, who describe themselves as dissidents and ecologists do not speak out against the ongoing massacre of nature in the Kurdish geography. Akil said, "Nature is being plundered under the pretext of security and many people prefers to remain silent when security is mentioned. There is a descrimination between the tree in Kurdistan and the tree in the west. This plunder concerns everone, everywhere. We must stand up against the destruction of the nature regardless from where it is."
Ecologist Rıdvan Ayhan reminded the destruction of nature in Hasankeyf and said that nature was plundered under the pretext of "security" and that the plundering covered a wide area from Mount Ida to Mount Cudi.
Ayhan said, "We will be on Mount Cudi together with sensitive public opinion and ecology organisations and protect nature. We will make a report of the destruction there and share it with the public. We invite all intellectuals, writers and people of nature to participate in the rally."
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