Demand 'Kurdish must be the official and educational language'

WAN - Political parties and non-governmental organizations, which were prevented from distributing leaflets in Wan on the occasion of February 21 Mother Language Day, demanded that Kurdish be the official and educational language after their march.
In Wan, Arsisa Language, Culture and Art Research Association, political parties and non-governmental organizations wanted to distribute leaflets in the city centre on the occasion of February 21, World Mother Language Day. Those who came together in front of the DEM Party Rêya Armûşê (İpekyolu) district were prevented by the police. The crowd then marched. Throughout the march, slogans such as "Bê ziman jîyan nabe (Without language there is no life)" and "Zimanê me rûmeta me ye (Our language is our honour)" were chanted.
Speaking after the march to the DEM Party Provincial Organization building, DEM Party Language and Culture Commission Co-Spokesperson Heval Dilbihar said: "Today, the leaflets we would distribute for Kurdish to become the official language were not allowed. This shame belongs to the government. We curse and condemn the ban. Let's speak in our own language on the streets, at home, in the neighbourhoods. Let's learn and teach. We want Kurdish to be the official and educational language."
The statement ended with the slogan "Bê ziman jîyan nabe".