Newroz gift to children: Çand Ma


AMED - Ma Music is preparing to open Çand Ma for children to receive art education in their mother tongue. Şêrko Kanîwar stated that Çand Ma would be a Newroz gift to children and called: "Let's build it together."

Ma Music Center, which organizes music training and workshops in Kurdish native language in Amed, will open its new branch, Çand Ma, on the 7th anniversary of its establishment. Çand Ma, which aims to provide children living in Sur with cultural and artistic education in their own language, will be opened on March 20 as a Newroz (Nawruz) gift to children. Ma Music Center Coordinator Şêrko Kanîwar spoke about Çand Ma.
Şêrko Kanîwar stated that they established Ma Music Center together with families, artists, educators and non-governmental organizations after trustees were appointed to the municipalities in Amed, and said: “Because we stayed here, the music stayed, our children stayed. After the pandemic, we reached out to all corners of the world with our families, all Kurd artists and art lovers. And founded Zarok Ma. Now we are on the eve of Ma Music Center's 7th anniversary. As Ma Music Center and Zarok Ma, we have been meeting with children for 7 years, trying to bring Kurdish culture and art academically and especially Kurdish music to our children wherever they are in the world. Now, we want to provide both Kurdish music education and culture and art education in Sur, especially to Sur children. We want Çand Ma to be a Newroz gift to children."
Saying that Çand Ma means "our culture", Kaniwar said: "They have taken a lot from us for hundreds of years. They threw us into dungeons, but what keeps us alive and carries us to the future is our culture. Our cultural memory is so strong that it tells us this; The stronger our memory, the more we can carry our culture into the future. We also have a branch in Diclekent, its name is Zarok Ma. No matter what happens, culture will and must live. We will gift Çand Ma to the children in Sur so that our culture will remain alive in children and be passed on to future generations."
Reminding that Ma Music Center and Zarok Ma were also opened with support, Kanîwar continued as follows: “With this publication, we started a campaign for the opening of Çand Ma. Those who want to support Çand Ma can buy books from us. We have a goal of a library and its name will be Ehmedê Xanî. People can buy a table, a chair, a photocopier, a musical instrument for the library. Whoever wants to support children should contact us so that they can support the children in Sur. Come on, let's establish Çand Ma together.”