Director of the blocked Kurdish theatre play: We will continue to produce

ÊLIH - Yakup Selimoğlu, the director of the theatre play "Qral û Travis", which was prevented from being staged by the Patnos District Governorate, emphasized that they will continue to produce for the development of Kurdish art against the bans.
The Kurdish theatre play called "Qral û Travis", which was planned to be performed in Agirî's Panos (Patnos) district on January 17, was blocked by the district governor's decision. The District Governorate prevented the theatre play to be played at the Culture and Arts Center of Panos Municipality without giving any reason. Yakup Selimoğlu, the director of the theatre play, and Deniz Özer, one of the actors, evaluated the ban decision.
Director Selimoğlu said that official institutions are in a "ridiculous situation" with such decisions. Selimoğlu said: "Today, dozens of Kurdish theatre plays are performed simultaneously in dozens of cities in Turkey. Each ban gives rise to dozens of Kurdish plays in itself. We will not accept the bans on Kurdish. We will continue to produce for the development of Kurdish language, culture and art.”
Player Özer stated that the theatre in question had been published in many languages before, but it was not banned. Pointing out that the theatre play was blocked because it was performed in Kurdish, Özer said: "The fact that the theatre play is in Kurdish is enough for them. This is a decision taken against Kurd culture and language. The decision to ban it was made immediately, without looking at the content. The theatre play tells about an event that took place in America. We absolutely do not accept this. Previous decisions have been made to ban Kurdish. However, no ban or blocking attempt will prevent us from living our culture and language. Despite this decision, we will carry out more Kurdish language, more Kurdish theatre, and more cultural and artistic works."
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