Amed is preparing for Serê Salê

AMED - Mehmet Ali Taşçı from Dicle Culture and Arts Association, who is preparing to celebrate Serê Salê with various events in Amed, said: “The content of our event is full. We will have a few surprises." 
Kurds celebrate Serê Salê (New Year) on January 13 according to the Rumi Calendar. Dicle Culture and Arts Association, Childish, Sur Anka Association, Colorful Hopes Association, Young Alan Association and Amed City Theater will celebrate Serê Salê in Amed with various events. Serê Salê celebrations will start with the "Kosegerî" event. Later, erbane group and dengbêjler will take the stage at Dicle Culture and Arts Association. In addition to the stand-up show, many artists will also take the stage. The events will start at 18.00.
Mehmet Ali Taşçı from Dicle Culture and Arts Associatio
Speaking about the events, Dicle Culture and Arts Association member Mehmet Ali Taşçı emphasized that January 13 is a tradition. Noting that they are trying to keep this tradition alive, Taşçı said: “We are celebrating it in this way. Today, there is alienation from language and culture in society. That's why we try to bring our tradition to people on every street and everywhere. We want to end the alienation from culture and language."
Stating that the events will start with the "Kosegerî" event and that they will tour the streets with this event, Taşçı stated that this created great excitement among the public. Taşçı said: “When we go out on the streets, the elderly approach us with emotional eyes, even though young people do not know what it means. With 'Kosegerî' teams, women disguise themselves as men and tour the streets and houses." 
Taşçı said that the public's support was very high, that they had been trying to hold their events consecutively for 3 years, and that this year they were working together with many institutions. Taşçı said: “Adoption is increasing every year. We did our work this year too. This year, we made arrangements to come together with a much stronger and more people. The content of our event is full. We will have a few surprises. We probably won't have enough space. We believe the participation will be very intense. We will welcome the new year with this enthusiasm and joy. Our request from our people is to protect their culture and language. Our children are estranged from their culture, let's speak Kurdish to them and keep our culture alive."
MA / Şilan Çil