Iraqi refugee in Belgium: Death is as close as my own breath!


ANKARA - Refugee Uğur Iravul who lives in Belgium, drawing attention to the hygiene and health issues in refugee camps, said there are a lot of coronavirus cases in camps. Iravul who states that death is as close as the air he breaths, called for intervention and examinations against the epidemic as soon as possible.

Due to the rapidly spreading coronavirus (Kovid-19) in the world, there is a serious increase in the number of deaths every day. Some measures taken by countries against pandemics also lead to victimization of different segments of the peoples. The small rooms and the bad hygiene conditions of the refugee camps causes the spread of the virus and many deaths. Refugee Uğur Iravul who migrated to Belgium because of his unjust trials, stated that there are 27 thousand refugees in Belgium and they are going through a humanitarian crisis.
Iravul who stated that the authorities have taken some measures against the coronavirus, but these measures do not include the refugees, demanded that their humanitarian demands must be met.
Iravul pointed out that the refugees staying in the camps are supported with unemployment fees, but the camps has turned into prison with the curfews as part of the measures taken, said: "There are serious cases of coronavirus patients in the camps. Our friend Selman Yiğit in Sint Truiden camp is just one of those cases and the situation is very severe. He had given a kidney to his son before. He had a heart attack twice. Corona hit the weakest of us. There are elderly people who are seriously ill, the medical staff just do not care, they just give a mask to the sick. Entrances and exits to the camps are closed and the virus is now inside."
Iravul, who said that health workers came to the camp only for those with symptoms of fever, said that they could not hear from those who were taken with high fever again. Iravul, who said that refugees living outside the camps were unable to pay their rent, said: "No measures were taken for them. They can't go back to the camp either. There are Kurdistanis in every camp and they are in a very difficult situation. Its a different kind of misery both in and outside of the camps."
Iravul stated that there was a virus incident in the Mouscron refugee camp and was confirmed by Mayor Brigitte Aubert, said: "The situation at the Mouscron Refugee Center is worrying, death is as close as our own breath. The number of people infected by the coronavirus in this refugee camo is probably more than they disclose."
Stating that they established a platform called 'Public Health and Solidarity Platform with Refugees', Iravul listed their demands: "Local authorities should regularly inform the public about the current situation of the quarantined in the Mouscron refugee center. Medical interventions and examinations for the coronavirus patients should be carried out as soon as possible. Refugees working in Belgium are now desperate because of the measures taken by the state. Belgian authorities should immediately provide the necessary financial means so that they can live without any restrictions, in other words, we demand an unemployement pay. Due to the unusual situation, all asylum-seekers in Belgium must be immediately granted an unlimited residence permit. This is a must for public health."
MA / Eylem Akdag

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