ISIS is still a global threat

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  • 13:46 22 January 2020
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NEWS CENTER -  ISIS, which has carried out attacks against people in many parts of the world after they declared caliphacy is still a threat even though SDF have defeated them.

ISIS which was defeated by Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) is still active in many parts of the world, especially in the Middle East and Africa even though their leader Ebubekir Al- Baghdadi was killed.  While ISIS still carrying out attacks against many places in the world, thousands of their members are being held captive by SDF in camps and prisons.
ISIS, which was organized under different names in the previous years and carried out attacks in different countries of the Middle East, Africa and Europe, is a dangerous organization for the whole world today as it was yesterday.
Having chosen Iraqi Turkmen Abu İbrahim El Qereyşi as the leader immediately after the killing of its leaders, ISIS continues its secret reorganization and gathering activities in different parts of Syria and Iraq, where its land domination has ceased. Despite losing a large proportion of their power and dominance in many areas, ISIS is re-organizing and still constitutes a threat with the help of Turkey and Qatar.
It is estimated that ISIS is now based in Dêrazor, the eastern countryside of Homs, Iraq's Diyala, Anbar and in the western countryside of Mosul.
While the organization is currently developing its attacks mostly on mining, it prefers desert regions for this. The organization that carries out mass attacks with cars or motorcycles loaded with bombs; The tribal sheikhs do not hesitate to target city centers from time to time with assassinations and attacks against civilian institutions and their officials and security forces.
According to ISIS's claim, the organization carried out more than 1.600 attacks after their defeat at Baxoz. Those attacks and their places are as follows;
* 424 attacks in the west, east and north countryside of Derazor
* 129 attacks in Cizre Region
* 115 attacks in Reqa
* 37 attacks in Homs
* 20 attacks in Dera
* 3 attacks in Damascus.
* 336 attacks in Diyala
* 133 attacks in Kirkuk
* 111 attacks in Mosul
* 111 attacks in Baghdad
* 107 attacks in Anbar
* 54 attacks in Saladin
* 27 attacks in Babylon.
It is claimed that ISIS carries out their attacks with the logistic support they get from Turkey and Qatar.  According to the report released by the United Nations (UN) in July 2019, ISIS makes money from car and home tenders. Most of these tenders are from Turkey. Not knowing the exact number, many ISIS members owns assets in Turkey. The organization that lost their oil fields is now making money from blackmail, extortion, ransom, human and weapon trafficking.
In addition to these, there are approximately 12,000 ISIS prisoners in QSD-controlled prisons, while there are 70 thousand ISIS women and children in the Hol and Roj camps. The Turkish state's attacks on North and East Syria and their entrance to Girê Spî and Serêkaniyê gave ground for ISIS cells to move more comfortably. Even though the majority of them were later arrested and placed in prisons, the group called the Syrian National Army (SMO) that reached the prisons in the first days of the attacks, caused the ISIS members escape. In addition, groups which are on international terrorist organizations lists such as ISIS, Al Qaeda and Turkistan Islamic Party participated in the attacks against North and East Syria with new and different names.
ıt continues to be demonstrated by international researchs that ISIS is still an important threat. According to the Washington-based Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), ISIS is still active in Afghanistan and other countries. According to the report, the number of ISIS members is over 4 thousand and the organization plans to occupy larger areas in countries such as Syria and Iraq.
According to the news published by the French Le Figaro newspaper about the threats posed by ISIS on Europe, it was revealed that 2,000 ISIS members from Syria and Iraq have the opportunity to enter Europe, and the security situation is always at risk.
According to the UN's estimates, there are between 20 and 30 thousand ISIS members in Syria and Iraq. According to the US Department of Defense, Pentagon; this figure is between 14 and 18 thousand.

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