Attorney of Devrim Ayık: These conditions are life threatening for him

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  • 09:45 22 January 2020
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ANTALYA - Devrim Ayık, a 76% disabled and CHRON patient prisoner from Antalya Type L Closed Prison is deteriorating on a daily basis. His attorney Ramazan Gökalp, emphasizing that his life is at risk, demanded his release.
According to the 2019 report of the Human Rights Association (İHD) Central Prison Commission, there are 1.334 sick prisoners 458 of whom are in critical condition. One of these prisoners is Devrim Ayık from Antalya Type L Closed Prison. He is 76% disabled and a CHRON (intestinal poisoning) patient.
Ayık was not released in the hearing held in Antalya 10th High Criminal Court on January 8 where he was on trial with the accusation of 'being a member of an illegal organization' although he is seriously ill. Ayık was diagnosed with CHRON in 2012, which is a very rare disease. He had two operations and a meter of his bowel was removed. Ayık's attorney Ramazan Gökalp who visited Ayık in prison on January 19, said he was brought in a wheel chair and he was deteriorating. Gökalp also said that he learned that Ayık can not meet his basic needs and his cellmates are helping him. 
Gökalp emphasizins that because CHRON is a rare disease it has no exact treatment for it, said: "He needs to be fed accordingly with the diet the doctors gave him. But this can't happen in prison. He needs to have to HUMİRA shots a week. Non of our applications to the Ministry of Justice, the prosecutor' office or the prison administration were responded. His life is at risk. He is 76% disabled. He has a committee report to prove that. Rights institutions and the Parliament Human Rights Commission should take action urgently. He must ne released immediately."
MA / Hamdullah Kesen

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