75-year-old sick prisoner Ahmet Silik no longer recognizes his family

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  • 11:14 17 August 2019
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İZMİR - Binefs Sılık, wife of 75 year old Ahmet Sılık who is currently a prisoner in Menemen Type R Prison, stating that her husband no longer recognizes her and their children, demanded him to be releases immediately.

75 year old Ahmet Sılık who was taken under custody as a resut of an anonymous tip about him on November 4, 2011, was arrested with the accusation of 'aiding and abetting to an illegal organization' in 4 days. Sılık was sentenced to 6 years 6 months and 22 days by the court. Sılık has hemiplegy, prostate disease, as well as suffering diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. 
Sılık who had 2 surgeries for thromboembolism, can not meet his basic needs. Forensic Medicine Institude (ATK) prepared a report about him saying: ""It has been unanimously documented that the prisoner can not maintain his life alone, and whether he poses a threat for society is not a matter of forensic medicine."
Sılık's wife Binefs Sılık, stating that she went for a visit to the prison, said: "We went to the prison. Ahmet was brought with a wheelchair because he can not walk. I noticed he had problems with his memory. He wasn't able to speak with me. I asked him if he was hungry but he couldn't answer. He wasn't able to shave his beard by himself. My husband is not capable of escaping from home or anywhere for that matter. He can not live in prison."
Sılık stated that Ministry of Justice and İzmir Chief Prosecutor's Office will be responsible if anything happens to her husband whom ATK had a report stating that he can not live in prison. Sılık said: ""The authorities must do what is necessary as soon as possible. How many sick prisoners will die in prison? Will they be released when they are dead? Ahmet can not sustain his life alone. He sits there like he is dead. I demand his immediate release or his sentenced to be changed to house arrest. 
Sılık applied to the Izmir Branch of the Human Rights Association (IHD) about the situation of her husband Silik.

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