Bayhan who started a death fast: I urge you to share the courage of our mothers


İSTANBUL - Zeki Bayhan who started a death fast, said: "We are not starting a journey to death. We will not give up the hope for a free and dignified life even if we waste away day by day" and made a call to the society to share the courage of the mothers.

Zeki Bayhan who joined the death fasts on May 10, is one of the second 15 prisoners to join the death fasts. Bayhan who sent a letter explaining his motives in his action, said: "Standing against the isolation in İmralı is to stand against fascism, it is to defend the human dignity, freedom, and peace between the peoples. Bayhan who stated that to stand against fascism is a human right, said: "Because standing against tyranny is to defend the dignity of the humanity, to defend the free life. It is a responsibility. Because remainin unresponsive in the face of fascism makes you accomplice." Bayhan who stated that the main objective of the death fasts is to break the isolation in İmralı, said: "The aim of our action is to defend our rights and honour from the isolation imposed on all of us in the person of Mr. Öcalan. We are not starting a journey to death. We will not give up the hope for a free and dignified life even if we waste away day by day.We are saying, just as our pioneers said 40 years ago, we love life so much we can die for it."
Bayhan who made a call for uniting in the struggle agains the isolation in İmralı, said: "I am inviting our people, our friends to be the light against fascism. I am calling on to the youth and the women to share the courage of our mothers, to be shields before them. We see and know that, a simple thing like holding a press statement requires a price in this constraint. But we must remember that this fascist mentality that drags and batters the mothers in the streets with hundreds of police, will be smashed to smithereens when we fill the streets with our voices and our lights. This regime that attacks a few mothers with hundreds of police officers have run dry. We are aware that we are late. We have responsibility in our leader's capture, his being kept in a cell by himself for 20 years. We were  inadequate as revolutionaries and comrades. We carry the heavy weight of this inadequacy every day. We should not get used to the captivity of our pioneers."

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