Istanbul Bar Presidential Candidate Eren Keskin: We are here to paint the bar in purple

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  • 11:50 12 October 2018
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İSTANBUL- Eren Keskin who announced her candidateship by saying " Side by side for justice and free defence" said: "We will try to form a bar where every personal identity have the freedom to express themselves, without having to fight, a bar that has respect for all personal identities, working side by side"

The only agenda of İstanbul bar is the election these days. 10 names have been announced for the bar election to be held at Haliç Congress Center on October 20-21. Libertarian Democrat Attorneys Group (ÖDAV)'s candidate for the election is Eren Keskin who is known for her struggle for human rights. 
Keskin, stating that they are right, said: " We really want a legal order that every ethno-religious identity ,every gender identity is free to express themselves. And for that, the law has to change. I am being tried with the charge "Member to an armed terror organisation" and the only weapon I ever saw in my life belongs to the police. This can not be explained with law. I am a candidate because I believe I am right and I want to change the violation of rights in the field of freedom of thought and freedom of expression."
Keskin stated: "While just 2 of the 10 candidates for bar is women, our board of direktors list has 7 women in 10. We have a predominantly women group. And we are here to paint the bar in purple. We want a democratic bar."
Keskin emphasizing that the defence is being shoved over from the judiciary, commented: " We are not wanted in the hearings. We can not reach the offices of prosecutors and the judges. Yet we are an aspect of the judiciary. The doors of the courthouses are almost closed to us. The reason for that is fear. Because there are prosecutors and judges discharged in a day. They can not do the right thing even if they wanted to because of fear. Because they are afraid. Justice and fear can not be side by side. "
"The difference of our group is this; we will get the bar rid of Mahmut Esat Bozkurt. The lawmaker in Turkey is Mahmut Esat Bozkurt and for Mahmut Esat Bozkurt, no one has rights except the Turkish. And this bar still grant rewards in his name. We will get rid of this reward. If a lawyer is being tried, being arrested based on his thoughts , political attachments, you can not discriminate there. We will try to form a bar where everone can be side by side. 
Eren Keskin, highlighting that Turkey's constitution is a coup d'etat produced constitution , she said that they will be insistent on changing it. Keskin indicated that they will work on the conventions that Turkey is a party in but not complying with. Keskin called on to all that are marginalised, women and LGBTİQ in the first place, should support them.

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