Destruction in Hasankeyf is expanding

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  • 12:17 10 October 2018
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BATMAN- Hasankeyf which will submerged due to the construction of Ilısu Barrage, the wall of the historic castle is being cemented.
The destruction of 12 thousand year old Hasankeyf is expanding with the construction of Ilısu Barrage, in Batman. The historic city is being obliterated for the dam that could only survive for 50 years. In the city that escapes from everybody's attention due to the daily agenda; Zeynelbey Mausoleum, Artuklu Bathhouse and Imam Abdullah Hermitage have been moved. The transportation of Sultan Süleyman and El-Rızk Mosques are continuing.
The historical view of the city which has been turned into an construction sight is almost gone with the lifting crane they brought. The wall that has been building is brought from the Raman Mountain ,and extracted by exploding the mountain. The height of the set is closing in on the height of the castle wall. Its getting harder and harder to breathe in the city filled with dust. The files suited for the transportation of the historical structures are not moving forwards.
The transportation of the minaret of the Süleyman Mosque which was built in the period of Ayyubids and was one of the first Kurdish Universities is continuing. During the procedure of extracting the stones one by one is destroying the stonework like it did when Zeynelbey Mousoleum was moved. While the striking of the digging tools reflect to the cameras, the minaret of the El-Rızk Mosque will be moved next.
The worst is being done to the castle walls. While the set that is high as the castle wall is blocking the view of Dicle river, even the river ebbs in 50 years, the siluet of the city is destroyed. As the set reaches the hight of the castle, the history withers away..

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