HDK: Bring those who are responsible for the Ankara Massacre to justice

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  • 11:24 10 October 2018
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İSTANBUL- HDK who commemorated those who lost their lives in the Ankara Massacre, demanded the responsible parties to stand trial.
People’s Democratic Congress (HDK) commemorated those who lost their lives in Ankara Massacre in a written statement. The statement which evoked that 103 people lost their lives and 500 people got hurt, also stated “Our pain and anger never fades. We condemn those who are responsible for the massacre that wounded the public conscience.
The statement continued: “We remember. We remember because we know the only way to reveal the cause of this massacre and reveal those who are behind it is to keep our memory and social consciousness alive. The peace process that came before the massacre relieved the society, kept the hopes alive and created a free area for the people to shout out their requests for freedom and democracy. However, AKP / Erdoğan administration whose only expectation from the process is a way for their monocracy, got shattered by the results of the local elections and the presidential election. Following the renouncement of the peace process, came the Ağrı provocation and after the June 7 elections bombs started exploding.
HDK , mentioning the massacres, evoked what happened in the Ankara explosion. HDK reminded of how the investigation revealed that the police and the national intelligence service authorities were watching the offenders and knew this was coming and have not done anything. HDK added: “Not one police officer, public official or a police commissioner had to stand trial but until the hidden facts of this massacre illuminated, we will not forget, we will not stand down, we will not give up.” 
And continued: “We will remember the ones who said our votes are on the rise after the massacre. We will remember the ones we lost. Our promise to them will be a country where equality, peace and brotherhood is valued. As People’s Democratic Congress, we will be there in the train station and will be there in the commemorations and we call on to everyone that take a stand with peace and democracy to participate.”

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