ÇGD Reacted to the arrests: They are trying to hide the truth

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  • 13:52 9 October 2018
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ANKARA- Can Güleryüzlü, chairperson of Contemporary Journalists Assosiation (ÇGD) reacted to the arrests of the journalists and said; "The arrests took place this morning clearly shows the hostility of the political power against journalism."
Journalists Abdurramhan Gök, Kibriye Evren, Semiha Alankuş and Esra Solin Dal were taken under custody this morning in scope of an operation done in 9 cities based in Diyarbakır. Journalist Ömer Çelik's home in Diyarbakır got raided by busting his door down as well  ,but he was not home at the moment and did not get arrested. Can Güleryüzlü, chairperson of Contemporary Journalists Assosiation (ÇGD) made a statement about the situation.
Güleryüzlü said; "First of all i want to express my good wishes to all my colleagues and hoping that they will soon be released." 
Güleryüzlü stated that the primary objective of the oppression against the journalists is to hide the truth from the people. Güleryüzlü added: "All the journalists who are trying to be the spokesperson of the truth are subjected to oppression. Sometimes they got threatened, arrested, or kept in jail with fake accusations for years."
Güleryüzlü commented on the police raids to the homes of the journalists: "The arrests took place this morning clearly shows the hostility of the political power against journalism. Our colleagues's houses got raid, busting through the doors, police messing the places up..This is all a show to cover up the lawlessness of the raids."
Güleryüzlü who contiued his speech stating journalism will never be silenced no matter the oppression added; "Turkey turned out to be a semi custodial prison for journalists. We got kidnapped even executed. An opponent Arab journalist who was forced into dissappearance in his own consulate general- maybe even executed,  clearly shows that the policital power turned Turkey into a lawless country even for other countries' citizens. In todays Turkey, journalism is a profession which defends all our fundamental freedoms."

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