Koçyiğit: Kurds are being targeted by war regulations


ANKARA – Evaluating Tayyip Erdoğan's decision to give Erdoğan the authority to declare "war and mobilization", DEM Party Group Deputy Chair Gülistan Kılıç Koçyiğit said: "Kurds, democrats and revolutionaries are being targeted."

People's Equality and Democracy Party (DEM Party) Group Deputy Chair Gülistan Kılıç Koçyiğit evaluated the current developments at the press conference she held in the Parliament. Koçyiğit evaluated how AKP Chair and President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan abolished the "authority to declare war and mobilization" that was under the authority of the Council of Ministers and gave the authority to himself. Koçyiğit said: “The reason for repealing the mobilization and state of war regulations and turning them into a regulation is the transition to the presidential government system and the gradual correction of the legislation since then. However, most regulations were made within 1-2 years after 2017. But there was no regulation regarding this. For example, even after July 15, the government did not feel the need to make such a change. Then we ask, why did they feel the need to make such a change now?" 
Koçyiğit said: “One of the most critical changes is that, in addition to the state of war, a very vague definition such as insurrection, which they can fill in as they wish, has been included in the new regulation. For example, it says 'in case of internal or external behavior that endangers the indivisible integrity of the nation'. Now, it is truly an error of mind to reduce such an important issue as mobilization to something that is quite vague and can vary from person to person. Apart from that, it is defined as a period of crisis, and from this aspect, we can understand that the regulation is not intended to protect the country from a possible danger, but to prevent issues that Erdogan himself sees as a threat.
This regulation is important as it shows that the regime has not given up its war and security policy in the new period and will take a new path with this regulation. Of course, it is not a coincidence that this change came after the Van resistance. Again and again, they want to make Kurds, democrats and revolutionaries targets. They are trying to stifle and suppress their legitimate resistance with these regulations."
Referring to the 9th Judicial Package, which is at the center of the current discussions, Koçyiğit said: “The government wanted to get somewhere before with the Disinformation Law. They wanted to silence the social opposition and the press organizations that make sure we get real news in this country and work hard to do so. But as far as we understand, they could not achieve their full goal and are making a new move. In the shadow of constitutional debates, the AKP-MHP alliance wants to put the final nail in the freedom of the press, fundamental rights and freedoms with a regulation such as 'influence agency'.
Now let's ask, doesn't the country really have another problem? Isn't there a citizen seeking justice in every corner, isn't there a rot in the justice system? Isn't there a judiciary that takes bribes? All these exist, but on the one hand, there is a democratic opposition that does not remain silent, cannot be silenced, does not kneel or surrender in the face of this oppression regime. The whole goal in this new era is to silence this opposition."

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