Bakırhan: Neither Alexander nor the Persians passed these mountains, thieves never can

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  • 18:00 23 February 2024
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ŞIRNEX - Speaking at the opening of his party's Elkê office, DEM Party Co-Chair Tuncer Bakırhan drew attention to the "voter" records carried by the AKP on the police and soldiers and said: "Neither Alexander nor the Persians crossed these mountains you see, thieves never can."
People's Equality and Democracy Party (DEM Party) Co-Chair Tuncer Bakırhan continued his election tours with Şirnex. Bakırhan and his entourage went to Elkê district of Şirnex and were welcomed by the party members in Bermal village. After the encounter and greeting, Bakırhan moved towards the district accompanied by a convoy. Throughout the convoy, citizens cheered with victory signs. 
DEM Party members, who were welcomed with great interest in Elkê district center, danced halay accompanied by music with the crowd. Many people, not minding the cold weather, greeted the public with DEM Party flags. The program started with a moment of silence in memory of those who lost their lives in the struggle for democracy and freedom. Then, district co-mayor candidates Beybun Aslan and Agit Yiğit took the floor and greeted the people.
Bakırhan then took the floor and greeted the participants. Expressing that Elkê is the heart of Botan, Bakırhan said: “On March 31, we will respond to the system that does not recognize these Kurds. I hope we will send these trustees and these oppressors away on March 31."
Continuing his speech by commemorating Yusuf Temel, Bakırhan said: " We will be worthy of them for peace and for the Kurds." 
Bakırhan continued: “Before I came here, something caught my attention. It's like a tiny town of ours has been invaded. There are police stations and search points everywhere. I once again condemn the fact that a district where such conscientious people, who want peace and freedom live, is surrounded by police stations as if it were occupied. I would like to make a call to the government from here. Know now that you cannot stop the Kurds with this police station, these oppressive policies, this ignoring approach. The concern of those who rule this country is not a democratic Turkey, not a Turkey where Turks and Kurds have equal rights. They are keeping themselves alive through this rejection and denial. Isn't it the Kurds who opened the gates in Malazgirt and enabled the Turks to enter Anatolia? Didn't we sacrifice our lives and blood for the liberation of the country in Antep, Maraş, Urfa, Çanakkale? So, what is the situation of Beytüşşebap? This enemy approach is not correct. What did the Kurds do to whom and what are they doing here? We want peace, we want Kurds to speak their native language, we want trustees not to be appointed according to the will of the Kurds, we want Kurds to be equal citizens. They have no understanding of equality. Their heads are on the prayer rug, but their minds are deceitful.”
Stating that illegal voters were moved and trustees were asked to be appointed in Kurd provinces according to the will of the Kurds, Bakırhan said: “I hope they are listening to us. This is a very small place. Everyone knows each other very well. While there were 120 voters in the May elections at number 6 on 6th Avenue in Elki neighbourhood, there are now 264 voters. Where can you see a 100 percent increase in an address? You will see it in this country governed by AKP. The number has increased to 521 since the address of Karşıyaka District 14th street 18/a. The numbers in the May elections in Ali Çavuş District No. 42 increased threefold. I can increase these. There are a lot of them. You know, Erdoğan, the will of the people is such that when the time comes, he will defeat him at the ballot box. You will usurp the will of this people by making the soldiers and police from Edirne, Trakya, Aksaray and Beytüşşebap who cannot find the location of Beytüşşebap on a map for 3 hours vote, and you will call it an election. Elections like this cannot be democracy like this. Force, cruelty, pressure and trustees were not enough, now they are trying to usurp our will by carrying illegal, thieving voters.”
We will embrace the March 31 elections with all our hearts. We are Kurds, 90 percent of our people in Beytüşşebap are Kurds. We are not here for profit, we are fighting for your native language and for democracy to come to the country. We want there to be factories instead of police stations. I entrust our candidates to you.”

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