Message from the Justice Watch: We are here for Öcalan

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  • 17:38 20 February 2024
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NEWS CENTER - While the Justice Watch launched in many provinces for the physical freedom of PKK Leader Abdullah Ocalan continued, visitors and participants gave the message "We are here for the freedom of Abdullah Ocalan".
Justice Watches, which were initiated in many provinces with the motto of freedom for PKK Leader Abdullah Ocalan and a democratic solution to the Kurdish issue, continue. The Justice Watch action, which started in Amed DEM Party Rezan (Bağlar) district building, continued its 78th day. During the action initiated under the leadership of the Association of Solidarity with Prisoners' Families (TUAY-DER), the Mothers for Peace’s Assembly visited the relatives of the prisoners who took their place at the action wearing white coats with the words "Isolation is a crime against humanity". Mothers for Peace stated that they wanted peace by wanting the voices of the prisoners in prisons to be heard.
Slogans such as "Bijî Serok Apo (Long live Leader Apo)" and "Bijî berxwedana zindanan (Long live the resistance of the dungeons)" were frequently chanted during the action. The action, which continued throughout the day, ended with applause and chants.
The Justice Watch, which was initiated in Batman (Êlih) under the leadership of the Prisoner Families Assistance Association (TUAY-DER), continued its 20th day at the DBP Êlih provincial building. Representatives of political parties and non-governmental organizations in the city made support visits during the day. During the visits, attention was drawn to the hunger strikes of prisoners in prisons and a call was made to embrace the struggle.
During the visit, slogans such as "Jin, Jîyan, Azadî", "Bijî berxwedana zîndanan" and "We will win by resisting" were frequently shouted. The action was visited by the Amed Mothers for Peace Assembly.
The arrival of the mothers was greeted with chants and applause. Speaking here, Reşahat Ada said: "Mothers need to support each other. That's why we came here to support the mothers protesting. These protests will continue until the isolation on political prisoners is end."
Halime Topuz, Mother for Peace, drew attention to the absolute isolation imposed on Ocalan and said: "The ongoing isolation imposed on Mr. Ocalan must be abolished immediately. Even though this action may take years, it will not end until results are achieved." 
The Justice Watch, which was launched in Izmir under the leadership of the Association for Assistance with Relatives of Detainees and Convicts (EGE TUHAYDER) and Tevgêra Jinen Azad (Free Women Movement-TJA), continued its 24th day. The Justice Watch, which was held at the DBP Aegean Regional Representation, was continued at the DEM Party Konak and Menemen district organization. The action held in Çimentepe District, where the Konak district organization is located, was visited by many citizens as well as lawyers from the Izmir Women's Commission of the Lawyers for Freedom Association (OHD). During the action, slogans such as "Biji berxwedana zindanan" and "Jin, Jîyan Azadî" were frequently chanted.
The women who came to visit emphasized that the isolation policies on Ocalan must be abolished as soon as possible. Young people, as well as women, expressed their desire to be a voice for the action by singing folk songs accompanied by saz in the Justice Watch, which attracted great attention at night.
Fatma Demir from the OHD Commission, who visited the DEM Party's ongoing action in Konak district, said: “We support the Women's Justice Watch initiated under the leadership of mothers. We would like to express that such an action is very meaningful, especially in a period where isolation policies are gradually deepening. When we look at the current period, we see that isolation has spread not only to prisons or closed areas but to all areas of our lives. Therefore, it is necessary to see that isolation is intended to be implemented not only in closed areas or as a physical phenomenon, but also mentally. This resistance, which was started in these opposing prisons and continued by the relatives of the prisoners, is important. We would like to state that we are with them in this struggle, we are with the mothers."
Many people also visited the Justice Watch that continues in the DEM Party Menemen district organization. Speaking here, the relative of the prisoner, Zeyi Candemir, said: “First of all, I would like to send greetings to Abdullah Ocalan and the prisoners in prisons. Prisoners in prisons are protesting for their human dignity, especially isolation policies. We want every honorable Kurd to voice their voices in prisons. We mothers do not want funerals to be held in prisons. That's why we demand that this issue be resolved immediately.”
During the enthusiastic demonstration, slogans such as "Biji berxwedana zindanan" and "Jin Jîyan Azadî" were frequently chanted, and the message "We are here for Mr. Abdullah Ocalan" was given.
The Justice Watch action initiated by the Association for Assistance with the Families of Detainees and Convicts (TUHAY-DER) in Wan continued its 77th day. During the ongoing action at the Democratic Regions Party (DBP) Provincial Organization building, People’s Equality and Democracy Party (DEM Party) Ebex (Çaldıran) District Organization, Tûşba District Seyrantepe District residents and free press workers visited.
Jinnews Reporter Rojda Aydın spoke during the visit. Aydın underlined that they, as the free press, will always follow the Justice Watch and said: “We celebrate the Mothers' Justice Watch. As the free press, we support this action initiated by the relatives of the prisoners and the Mothers for Peace. We have been witnessing the pain and struggles of mothers for years. For this purpose, we wanted to visit your action. The struggle of mothers is a sacred and historical struggle. We also have imprisoned journalist friends in prisons. For this reason, we hope that the demands of the prisoners will be met as soon as possible and we want them to regain their freedom as soon as possible."
Pointing out that free press workers always continue their work in the field despite their constant arrests, TUHAY-DER Co-chair Çetin Uyar said: “We wish success to the free press on this occasion. They always follow the difficult conditions of our struggle. Your arrival boosted the morale of our Justice Watch."
The action continued with the slogan "Bijî Berxwedana Zindanan".
The Justice Watch action carried out by Mothers for Peace and prisoners' relatives continues at the DBP Provincial Organization building in Mêrdîn. Slogans of "Bijî berxwedana zîndanan" were frequently chanted at the action, which was visited by many institutions and individuals throughout the day. Those who came to visit the action sang melodies accompanied by bağlama. During the action, attention was drawn to the mother language and Kurdish words were written on the board in the Kurdish alphabet.
Mother for Peace Hacire Karataş (62), who lost her two children in the freedom struggle and has been fighting for peace for years, saluted all the resisters fighting for freedom and said: “As Mothers for Peace, we are on guard for peace here. We will protect our children until we die. And we will fight for the freedom of our Leader and our prisoners. We do not want our prisoners to become martyrs in prison. We do not want our people to be massacred. We want freedom and peace.”

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