Letter from Wan to PKK Leader Ocalan

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  • 20:38 19 February 2024
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WAN - DEM Party Wan Youth Assembly members sent a letter to PKK Leader Abdullah Ocalan within the scope of the "#İmralıya1000Mektup (#1000LetterstoImralı)" campaign.

People's Equality and Democracy Party (DEM Party) Wan Youth Assembly sent a letter to PKK Leader Abdullah Ocalan within the scope of the "#İmralıya1000Mektup" campaign. Young people gathered in front of the DEM Party provincial building and made a press statement. Youth Assembly Member Yekbun Safalı who made the statement said: “As it is known, the isolation policy developed through Mr. Abdullah Ocalan and spread throughout Turkey continues to get worse. The blockage of all communication channels with Mr. Ocalan makes it difficult for the people of Kurdistan and Turkey to breathe in the current period. The whole society, especially young people and women, is being dragged into disaster by the isolation policy.”
Expressing that they will fight to turn the conspiracy into a year of freedom, Safalı said: “The only ideal of young people, women and even children is to achieve honorable peace with the solution of the Kurdish issue and the freedom of Mr. Ocalan. The #İmralıya1000Mektup campaign, which we organized and announced to the public between February 1 and 15, attracted great attention in all countries of the world. Thousands of letters were written to Mr. Ocalanfrom all over Turkey and Kurdistan. Our people stated that they are insistent on Mr. Ocalan's freedom and determined in the fight. We will now send the letters sent to us from all over to İmralı. On this occasion, our call to everyone who wants democracy and freedom is to break the isolation and ensure democracy together.”
After the statement, the young people walked in front of the PTT Van Center building and mailed the letters they wrote.

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