'They should open up those mass graves and give me my daughter's bones'

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  • 10:42 28 October 2020
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DİYARBAKIR - Mevlide Gündüz, mother of Meral Hatice Gündüz who was one of the 10 PKK members who lost their lives in a clash in Dersim's Nazmiye district in 1996, demanded that the mass graves must be opened up and the bones of her daughtered must be given back to her.

Meral Hatice Gündüz who joined PKK  back in 1993 when she was a student in Dicle University, lost her life in a clash with 9 female PKK members in 1996 in the Nazmiye district of Dersim. It is claimed that the bodies of the women were buried together in a mass grave 19 days after the clash by the Nazimiye Municipality. Her family who learned that she lost her life in 2015 demanded that the bodies must be exhumed and given back to their families.
Stating that she was able to learn that her her daughter joined the PKK when the police came to their house 15 days later, Mevlüde Gündüz said: "When the police asked where my daughter was, I said she was at school. They told me she hasn't been going to the school for 15 days and she had gone to the mountains."
Stating that she looked for her daughter for years but couldn't get any news from her, Gündüz said: "They gave the names of 18 PKK members who lost their lives in the past in the evening news in February 2015. Her name was in that list. Later we investigated through MEBYA-DER, we asked Malatya Court House and learned that someone called Ali Haydar from the Nazmiye Municipality buried my daughter with 9 more women in a mass grave."
Explaining that she could not contact the families of the other 9 women, Gündüz said: "But I couldn't reach anyone. I just want to find her bones and make her a grave here."
Calling out to the families of the PKK members who lost their lives, Gündüz said: "You should come to MEBYA-DER and we can all go to the prosecutor's office and apply to get the bones of our children. 
Stating that she prepared a grave for her and her daughter 15 years ago in a cemetery in Eğil, Gündüz said she wants her daughter to be in the family grave. 
MA / Fahrettin Kılıç

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