Mother whose son on hunger strike in prison: Hear their voices

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  • 12:08 18 September 2020
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VAN - Zübeyde Timur, mother of Botan Timur who's on a hunger strike for 5 days in Van Type F Closed Prison, demanded that the demands of the hunger striking prisoners to me met.

The rotating hunger strike launched by political prisoners in the Van F Type High Security Closed Prison on September 14 continues. The prisoners hunger striking for 10 days in groups of 6-7 wants the practices continuing since the State of Emergency (OHAL) to be over.
The prisoners demands are as follows: "Rights violations and isolation against political prisoners isolated from other prisoners in prison to end, the removal of the wire fences on the courtyards of the wards, the end of the unnecessary searches conducted in visiting hours, the radios confiscated during OHAL to be given back, the visiting hours of prisoners who are sentenced to life to be extended over an hour, the political prisoners to be put in the same corridors with the ordinary prisoners."
One of the prisoners on hunger strike is Botan Timur. He was detained during a house raid in 2016 on his home in Van and was arrested after that. He had been on hunger stike for 103 days demanding the termination of the continued isolation of PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan. 
Mother Zübeyde Timur told about the phonecall he made with his son. Timur said: "My son told me that they were subjected to inhumane behavior. They are on hunger strike now. My son is innocent. His trial continues for 5 years now. There is nothing incriminating him in his file. This is persecution. We will not compromise. We are right. I am calling on to all mothers to be in solidarity with the hunger strikers." 
Stating that they, as the mothers will also join the hunger strike if the demands of the hunger strikers aren't met, said: "Everyone should hear their voices. We, the Kurdish people are persecuted because we demand our basic human rights. We will not submit to this persecution."

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