HDK Co-Spokespersons: The key to democracy is to break the isolation

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  • 11:09 8 August 2020
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İSTANBUL - HDK Co-Spokespersons who stated that the core of all problems is the isolation on PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan, said the key to democracy is to break the isolation.

Peoples' Democratic Congress (HDK) Co-Spokespersons İdil Uğurlu and Sedat Şenoğlu made evaluations to our agency.
Şenoğlu, who made evaluations regarding the isolation imposed on PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan, underlined that the solution and insolvency have become concrete with the approach to İmralı. Expressing that the Imrali isolation is not limited to the Kurdish people, Şenoğlu called for all political subjects to stand against the isolation. Şenoğlu stated that a gap was opened in İmralı as a result of the hunger strike actions led by DTK Co-chair Leyla Güven and said: “Öcalan was able to convey his own thoughts during the 2013-2015 solution process. People saw that when he is able to convey his thoughts, he spoke of peace and brotherhood. This will for a solution must meet with the society again, as it is accepted by a large part of the society in the peace process. If isolation affects society in general, which it does, then breaking the isolation will be possible with the determined struggle of all segments of the society. "
Stating that every obstacle people faces in this country is connected to the isolation, Şenoğlu said: "Unless the isolation in İmralı remains to be an unsolved problem, there will never be a democratic solution, neither in Turkey nor in the Middle East. Understanding the Imrali isolation is about how you view historical reality. How Imrali was founded, with which conspiracy, with what forces it was founded. In that sense, Imrali is not a place where a few people are kept. It's a focus. The solution to isolation is the disintegration of that focus. Therefore, we are calling on to the people of Turkey, the democrats, the socialists to defend isolation problem more strongly."

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