HDP MP Koç: Multiple bar system yields to consolidation of fascism

ANKARA - Stating that the government aims to launch a new ideological structure through “Multiple Bars” law, HDP MP Abdullah Koç said, “It is a regulation they adopted to consolidate fascism."
Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) Ağrı MP and Member of the Parliamentary Justice Commission, Abdullah Koç, evaluated the “Multiple Bars" law. Stating that the jurisdiction in Turkey is neither independent nor impartial Koç noted that the bar associations which has shown a stance against human rights violations such as torture, woman killings, child abuse and political operations have become the targets for the government. 
“While launching the ideological structure, they need some ideological instruments. Jurisdiction is the primary of these instruments. This is a move to build the ideological leg of the new monist, denialist state they would form," said Koç and added, "They had the plans for these days when they had changed the structure of the supreme board of judges and prosecutors (HSYK). The reason they had broadcasted the torture live was to find out a way to break the social reflex. In the political genocide attacks and coup targeting HDP was a move only aimed to silence the social opposition. They have been taking very serious steps in the last 8 years. 'We fortify the state in this way. This is how the government would work in the future,' says AKP and MHP."
Koç draws attention to that "pro-government" bar associations will be formed through the multiple bar systems. "There cannot be more than one bar in a jurisdiction. There is no such thing in the world. It is the division of the Division of bars means some bars would monopolized by someone. The person who has the power will have a bar and will prevent that bar to open trial against the violations of rights. A specialized jurisdiction is a jurisdiction that favors power. In addition, this law will transfer the financial source of the government to the pro-government bar."
Making predictions about the decision regarding the application of the Republican People's Party (CHP) filed to the Constitutional Court (AYM) regarding the cancellation of the "Multiple Bars" law Koç said, "The jurisdication in Turkey is no longer credible. We have seen this in the decisions for our friends Musa Farisoğulları and Leyla Güven. When we take a look at the president, the members and the management of AYM I do not think that a healthy decision would be given by AYM. This law is not only a violation of the principle of the state of law declared by the Constitution (of the Republic of Turkey), but also stands contradictory to all the international agreements. Despite all this, of course it is necessary to struggle. We have to take it to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). Each citizen among 83 million will be affected by this law and serious violations of rights will be experienced."
Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects (TMMOB) and Turkish Medical Association (TTB) are the next to be intervened by the government, according to Koç as he thinks that AKP will not be waiting long enough to make a similar move on TMMOB and TTB. Koç said, "Their basic concern with these regulations is the consolidation of fascism. We will see heavier moves. We care about raising the fight against such laws and proposals in the parliament. Because we need to make a note of the history and maintain social opposition alive. Nevertheless, the most important issue is this; we have to take part in the legislative works and condemn these practices of the government, but we also make the decisions with the community by telling about these regulations to our people on the street and everywhere. In addition, we have raised a call for all the democracy forces in this matter. As long as we struggle together, we can build a more democratic government instead of fascism."
MA / Diren Yurtsever

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