Report of Tanrıkulu: 281 violations of “right to live” in Turkey in June


ANKARA - Main opposition CHP's İstanbul MP Sezgin Tanrıkulu has shared the findings of his monthly report on violations of human rights committed in Turkey for June 2020.

Republican People's Party (CHP) İstanbul MP Sezgin Tanrıkulu has shared his monthly "Report of Violations of Human Rights" for June 2020. 
The report has shown that 281 violations of right to live were experienced in Turkey in June, 188 out of which were workplace homicides and 56 were due to armed conflicts. According to the report at least 27 were killed, 2 prisoners and 6 refugees lost their lives as 1 civilian was killed in an incident of extrajudicial execution, warning stop or arbitrary shooting.
Violations of rights experienced within the scope of "freedom of demonstration" were also reported. Accordingly, the number of demonstrations and press releases attacked has been reported to be 109, total number of banned events, shows or plays has been 17 and the number of people who were either detained or imprisoned during these demonstrations or events has been 168.
According to the report, total number of elected mayors or municipality assembly members who were dismissed has been reported to be 2 and total number of elected mayors or municipality assembly members or party member or administrators has been reported to be 40.  Report has stated that two organization or party buildings were raided and 8 party or organizations administrators have been put on trial or sentenced.
The report has revealed the number of violations of rights experienced as "torture" as 144. As 28 incidents of torture experienced in Turkey in June, 166 violations were listed under the “torture and ill-treatment in prisons”.
In June, the rights violations related to “freedom of expression and thought" were listed as follows: “Number of journalists imprisoned is 2, number of journalists detained is 6, number of journalists sentenced to fine/prison is 3, the number of journalists who were opened an investigation is 5, the number of attacked journalists is 1."
It was also reported by Tanrıkulu that 18 people were detained and 54 people were opened a trial or an investigation trying to express their opinion.

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