International application from ÖHD for the mistreatment of the deceased body

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  • 17:54 12 April 2020
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DİYARBAKIR-  The Association of Lawyers for Freedom (ÖHD) Central Office has published a written statement to protest the delivery of the deceased body of Agit İpek to his family by a cargo package.

Agit İpek's deceased body, who died on May 23 2017, on the Xelasor Hill in Dersim, has been sent to his family by PTT cargo in a package box. Condemning the incident, ÖHD stated that "We will initiate any effort to ask for an account from those, who are responsible of this, before the law".

ÖHD statement continued as follows: "We are going to take all the steps to begin our applications on national and international level to start the legal process to put those on trial and to make them give the account of such an act before the law. The image of the mother, who holds the dead body of her son rapped in a cargo package shows just how ordinary the evil can become and how far the borders of the inhuman mistreatment can be pushed."


Stating that any judgement on a human become unfashionable on a deceased human being in all the ideologies and religions, ÖHD statement includes the following announcement, "The respect to to dead is a principle, which accepts no discussion over, since the dawn of the humanity. Any authority is responsible of abiding to this principle, which is the inheritage of the humanity. Therefore, such a pain that the mother of Agit İpek's mother has been forced to suffer means the refusal of the existence of the Kurdish people. Acknowledging this fact, we, as the Lawyers for Freedom, will make all the legal applications on the national and international level and make the greatest effort for the responsible to give an account of this act before the law".