Police attacked HDP Deputies and citizens in Diyarbakır

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  • 13:54 10 October 2019
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DİYARBAKIR - Police attacked the Democracy Watch in Diyarbakır, battering HDP deputies and detaining many people.
Police have obstructed the Democracy Watches held in Diyarbakır and Van against the AKP’s seizure of municipalities on day 52. Journalists were not allowed to approach the area.
Participants of the Democracy Watch in Diyarbakır were threatened by the police that they would be attacked in the event that they did not disperse.
The crowd then started a march to the HDP headquarters and the police crackdown began when they wanted to stage a sit-in protest outside the party building.
HDP deputies Musa Farisoğulları and Dersim Dağ were battered by the police while many people were taken into custody and injured.
Police also attacked the journalists around, battering one of them and breaking his camera. Mezopotamya Agency (MA) reporter Fethi Balaman is among those injured in the crackdown.
Reports say that around 20 people have been taken into custody.