Only two Kurdish Language graduate appointed as a teacher

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  • 09:33 4 August 2020
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MARDİN - Kurdish Teachers Initiative Spokesperson Mehmet Ay, who noted that only 2 teachers were appointed this year in the Kurdish Language and Literature Department, which has 100-120 graduates every year, said that the problem cannot be solved without the state's “monolingual” education.

The Kurdish Language and Literature Department, which was opened in the solution process terminated by the AKP government, is also wanted to be terminated just like the solution process. While the interest in the department in which writing thesis in Kurdish is also banned, decreases, those graduate from the department can not be appointed. 
Kurdish Language and Literature Department was opened in Mardin Artuklu University in 2012-2013. Then this department was opened at Muş Alparslan and Bingöl universities. According to the latest data, 112 out of 500 graduates have been appointed since the department was first opened. In 2020, only 2 appointments were made. 
Mehmet Ay, spokesperson for the Kurdish Teachers Initiative, attributed the non-appointment of Kurdish teachers to the state's "monolingual" policy.
Saying that the approach towards the Kurdish language is clear when you look at the appointment of Kurdish language teachers, Ay said: "Every year, 100 to 120 students graduate from the Department of Kurdish Language and Literature, both in Kirmançkî and Kurmancî. Only two people were appointed as teachers this year. From 2012, 500 people have graduated from the department and only 120 of them were appointed. Most of the people had to change their department because they would not be appointed when they graduated. Most of them chose the Turkish Language and Literature. Most of them are still waiting for the decision of appointment. Kurdish is not taught at school, sometimes elective courses are given, if the school allows it. Sometimes the courses open when the parents demand it in case there are at least 10 students to take the course. Here, responsibility belongs to families. When the families do not demand a Kurdish course, the Ministry of National Education does not open a course.
Referring to the prohibition of writing thesis in Kurdish, Kurdish Teachers Initiative Spokesperson Mehmet Ay said: “The Kurdish Language Department has not been accepted in the YÖK (Higher Education Council) system since its opening. When you write a thesis, you have to write in Turkish, not Kurdish. There are still no Kurdish thesis in the international thesis system. We study Kurdish at the university but write our thesis in another language. As the Kurdish teachers, we want this to stop. We are calling on to the National Education Ministry to adopt a multilingual system and we call on to YÖK to except thesis in Kurdish.
MA / Zeynep Durgut

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