HDP Women's Assembly: Let us not be a part of this crime

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  • 16:54 7 May 2020
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DİYARBAKIR - HDP Women's Assembly Spokesperson Ayşe Acar Başaran protested the attacks on the graves and called for not to be a part of this crime.
Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) Women's Assembly Spokesperson Ayşe Acar Başaran held a press conference at the Democratic Society Congress (DTK) building. HDP lawmakers and Socialist Women's Councils Central Executive Committee Member Satiye Ok attended briefing as well.
Başaran asked, regarding the discussions of normalization around due world after the pandemic outbreak, "What does normalization mean in Turkey? Unfortunately, since the isolation on Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan was deepend after April 5 2015, AKP-MHP alliance put forward an operation based on a policy of war and conflict giving up on the sollution of the Kurdish question on democratic terms in Turkey. The normal in Turkey follows a path far from international standards of human dignity, conscience and morality."
Reminding that a possibility of peace have come through together with the interview with PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan between 2013-2015 continued her statements as follows: "However, unfortunatelly, the war has been initiated on the dead bodies, on the bodies. We know that this war has begun with the body of Ekin Wan, with the body of a woman. Now 267 graves has been destroyed in Bitlis Garzan, which also belong to the ones who lost their lives during 90s and their deceased bodies were taken to İstanbul Forensic Medicine Institute, to hundreds of kilometers away from their families. Even though the families have been applying to the institutions and shared their blood samples and they had the license to bury their family members and the bodies were not unidentified, the families wer enot given the deceased bodies. The families are suffering via the pressure on the deceased bodies of the relatives. With this enemy law, 267 deceased bodies were not handed back to their families. And when they gave back some bodies, they did not allow families to make a funeral ceremony."
Başaran told, "AKP attacks the graves with the methods ıf ISIS in Turkey today" and continued as follows: "Is there any belief justifiny the attacks on graves, in Islam or in any other religion? Is there any belief accepting the torture on the deceased body? Is there any belief in Islam justifiying the torture on the families using the deceased bodies of their loved ones? Is there any belief in Islam that accepts to terminate the grief after the death? Is there any application such as burying the dead without burial robe in Islam by force? Directorate of Religious Affairs shall answer these questions."