Police attacked Feminist Night March

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  • 21:33 8 March 2020
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ISTANBUL- Police attacked the March 8 Feminist Night Walk, which was held despite the governor's ban and police blockade. Police attacked women with pepper spray, many women were taken into custody.
The March 8 Feminist Night March was banned by the Governorship of Istanbul was held today with the slogan of "Rebellion out of spite". As many women came together for the night march, all the roads on Taksim Square and Istiklal Street were closed with barriers. The women, who came together in front of the Human Rights Association (İHD) Istanbul Branch marched towards İstiklal Avenue accompanied by slogans.
Trying to cross to Istiklal Street, women who were blocked in Sıraselviler with police barries, pushed barriers to open and begun waiting in front of the barriers. The police then attacked the women with pepper spray. Many women were taken into custody.