Families of prisoners on hunger strike: We won't leave Esenyurt

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  • 16:52 17 May 2019
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İSTANBUL - The prisoners’ families who continued their vigil in Esenyurt, in Istanbul, said that they would continue their action until the isolation against Abdullah Öcalan is lifted. 

The families of prisoners on hunger strike demanding the end of isolation against Abdullah Öcalan have been holding the vigil to draw attention and support the hunger strike resistance. They have been in Esenyurt every day and night despite the harassment and attacks carried out by police. 
As they did every evening, on Thursday the families got together in front of the HDP District Organization building and went to Köyiçi Square to hold the Vigil. Police surrounded the families as soon as they sat on the square. The police also asked everybody to give their id cards and put them through the General Information Screening (GBT). 
Despite all the harassment families confirmed that they will be here today, Friday, and the next day and they will continue the Vigil. 
It has also been learned that Ruken Seven, who had been taken into custody on 14 May, will appear before the court today, Friday.