November 25 was celebrated for the first time in Girê Spî': The whole world will hear our scream

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  • 11:39 26 November 2018
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GIRÊ SPÎ - Arab woman Nupelda Girêspî, who attended the first November 25 event  after Girê Spî was liberated from ISIS, said: "Syrian women are shouting out with the same soul and same language today. This scream will be heard by the world. Now, Arab women begins to find their own element."
Like it did in the whole world, November 25 International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women was celebrated in North and East Syria alike. The women of Kobané, Qamişlo, Rakka, Heseké,Déra Zor, Mimbic was out in the streets. Aside from Kurdish women, Arab, Assyrian,Turkmen and Armanian women called on for solidarity. While women who have seen all sorts of violence attended the event, Arab women was at the forefront. Nupelda from Girê Spî was one of them.
Nupelda, who stated that this was the first time she attended a November 25 event, said: "This is happening for the first time in my life. This many women walking together. I wore my military uniform. That gave me great power. We are hundreds of women now, not only in cities and streets but also in battlefronts. We will be standing against the life imposed on us. Today, all Syrian women are shouting out in the same language, same soul.We are mobilized to make this grow. The whole world will hear this scream. Now, the Arab women will find her own element."