Murdered his wife who started working, advocaded 'provocation'

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  • 11:42 1 November 2018
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KONYA- Hanife Babayiğit who started working due to the financial difficulties ,was murdered by her husband who did not want her working. Babayiğit defended that her working provoked him.

Mesut Babayiğit (35) who lives in Konya, Selçuklu, murdered his wife Hanife Babayiğit (24) with a shot gun. Dissention had started between the couple due to the financial difficulties. Hanife Babayiğit, who had to work to make ends meet, was subjected to violence time and time again.

Even though Hanife Babayiğit initiated numerous restraining orders, with the end of the expiration days, Mesut Babayiğit turned back home and started using violence against Hanife Babayiğit again until one day, after work he brought her to a remote place and shot her with a shut gun.

Mesut Babayiğit dropped her in front of Beyhekim State Hospital and ran. After her first aid done in their she was referred to Konya Education and Reseach Hospital. Hanife Babayiğit who said that Mesut Babayiğit have shot her in her last words, could not be saved despite all efforts.

Mesut Babayiğit tried to legitimize shooting her by saying that he provoked her by working, got arrested for deliberate murder.