Women raise both their words and struggle against violence

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  • 17:27 25 November 2020
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NEWS CENTER- Women organized actions against violence in many cities within the scope of November 25. Combining their words and their struggles, the women said, "We  continue to grow this struggle in order not to leave a single sister alone."

Within the scope of the International Day of Struggle Against Violence to Women, November 25, actions and events were held in many cities.

Diyarbakır Bar Association Women's Rights Information and Implementation Center held a press conference at the bar association's judicial service building. Speaking at the meeting, Bar Association Manager Berivan Turan said that in the implementation of the legal regulations in force within the scope of combating violence against women, the chain of violations and negligence started in law enforcement and extended to the judiciary.


The Republican People's Party (CHP) Diyarbakır Women's Branch also made a press statement in front of the provincial council building. Women of CHP unfurled banners to end violence to women . Making a statement, women from CHP reminded that violence against women is political and said, "This year, we meet under the shadow of the November 25 pandemic conditions. However, we all know that in our country, violence against women, discrimination and violations of rights continue to increase."


Diyarbakır Deva Party Provincial Women's Policies Directorate also made a statement regarding November 25 at the party's provincial building. The statement emphasized that the legal regulations that are intended to be made are policies aimed at intimidating women even more and said, “Today, the butterflies of our Mirabel brothers have settled on the  screams  of our women. Stated “ we do not stop  nor hush.”


Urfa Provincial Women's Platform made a press release on November 25. Many women attended the statement made in front of Ahmet Bahcıvan Business Center. The press text was read by Selma Ateş, the director of the Health and Social Service Workers Union (SES). Speaking on behalf of the platform, Selma Ateş emphasized that as women, they  fight against violence.


Dersim Women's Platform members gathered in Seyit Rıza Square with the slogan "We are in the fight against male state violence". Violence is everywhere, the solution is in organized struggle ”, and the women who unfurled  the banner reading " Man shoots, the state protects "," Where is Gulistan Doku? " The women chanted "Jinjîyanazadî", "Long live women's solidarity".

Making a statement on behalf of the platform, Fatoş Taşkale stated that women are subjected to physical, psychological and economic violence all over the world and said, “Every day we woke up with a new incident of death, violence, harassment or rape. Added that "Not only did not comply with national and international conventions signed in favor of women, criminal practices such as impunity and unjust provocation discounts also strengthen, encourage and protect men regarding  all kinds of violence, harassment and rape against women ."

Aygül Doku, the elder sister of Munzur University student Gülistan Doku, who has been missing for 326 days, said that everyone responsible for the disappearance of her sister  would be held accountable. Said Doku; “A femicide occurred 47 years later.”


Education and Science Workers Union (Eğitim Sen) Istanbul No.6 Universities Branch made a statement at Beyazıt Square in Fatih as part of the International Day of Struggle Against Violence to Women on November 25. The banner  reading "We do not give up our rights and lives, we are in the fields on November 25" was unfurled in the statement with symbolic participation due to the pandemic.

Education Sen Universities Branch Executive Board Member Arzu Acar said, "While all the means of the state should be used to prevent violence, perpetrators are protected, women's gains are ignored, alimony right usurpation and mediation are laid before us.”


Turkey's Revolutionary Workers Unions Confederation (DISK) Women's Commission  made a press statement in the context of the International Struggle Day Against Violence on November 25   in front of the headquarters building located in  Besiktas. DISK Chairwoman  Arzu Çerkezoğlu and many women attended the statement.  "Long live our organized struggle" and "Woman, life, freedom" were frequently chanted in the statement, besides that , " do not keep silent against violence to women, sexual harassment, mobbing" and "Don't touch the Istanbul convention, implement 6284,acknowledge  ILO 190" read on the banners.

Çerkezoğlu listed women's demands for protection from violence and harassment, the economic crisis and the devastating effects of the pandemic as follows: "

* Istanbul Convention and Law No. 6284 should be implemented.

* Our country should also ratify the ILO's Convention No. 190 adopted last year on "Prevention of Violence and Harassment in the Workplace"!

* Full-time and covered  employment opportunities should be created towards  the flexible working forms suggested in the policies of the government to increase women's employment. Special measures should be developed for women who suffered  job and income losses in the sectors most affected by the crisis caused  by the Covid-19 pandemic.


The General Services Workers Union (Genel İş) İzmir No.2 Branch Women's Commission, affiliated with the Confederation of Revolutionary Workers Unions (DISK), held a press release on November 25. Many women attended the statement made in front of the old Sümerbank in Konak district. Zeynep Zarıçlar,who is  in charge of No.2 Branch Manager in Genel İş ,said, “The problems experienced in women's labor in our country have gradually worsened during the epidemic. The measures  to be taken to protect  women suffered from “ violence against which we struggle in every field,harassment,economic crisis and devastating effects of Pandemic” are quite clear.


Buca Women's Platform also made a statement on  Çevik Bir Square. Speaking at the protest, platform member Hülya Altın said, “The burden of women, who are still trying to survive in tents, has increased many times over”. The women who came together on Atatürk Square in Dikili district called for "We are on the street for Işık, Zümrüt, Çilem and all the murdered women", and called for a wider struggle against violence.


Within the scope of the 25 November activities,Human Rights Association (İHD) Adana Branch Women's Rights Commission announced “Adana Province 2020 Women's Rights Violations Report.” IHD Adana Branch Women's Commission Member Baran Öner stated that in the first 10 months of the year, there was a 37 percent increase in the applications for violence. Öner listed the data on women's rights violations they detected in Adana as follows: "10 women were killed. 4 women committed suicide. 2 women attempted suicide. One thousand 133 women were injured by their spouses. 2 thousand 138 women were insulted and threatened by their spouses. 63 women were sexually assaulted by their husbands. 2 women were raped. "


İHD İskenderun Branch also made a press statement at the union buildings as part of the 25 November events. Speaking in a statement, İHD İskenderun Branch Vice President Ayten Kılınç emphasized the importance of November 25 and said, "We must fight against violence to women. The government should implement the Istanbul Convention. We would like to state that the most effective way against violence to women is the struggle of women and that we continue this struggle to the end."

Speaking in the statement organized by the İskenderun Women's Platform, Lawyer Mehtap Sert, the spokesperson of the term, stated that at least 137 women are killed by men every day throughout the world and said, “Systematic violence against women is torture and torment. "Torture and torment  is a crime against humanity."


The Human Rights Association (İHD) Women's Commission held a press conference as part of the November 25 International Day of Struggle Against Violence to Women. Nilay Nayman, a member of the Central Executive Board (MYK), stated that between January and October 2020, 1,120 rights violation applications were made to their associations, 402 of which were women applications.


In the report of World Economic Form (WEF) 2020 Gender Equality,Nayman pointed out that Turkey ranked 130th out of 153 countries,” “The Middle East and North Africa region  ranked at the lowest in gender equality with 60.5 percent.” Also said, According to the report, it takes 100 years for women to have equal rights with men, and 257 years to have equal pay with men.”