The 70-article law on execution proposal has been approved


ANKARA - The 70-article law on execution proposal, which will affect a total of 90 thousand prisoners, and which the opposition defines as a "veiled amnesty", was approved by the General Assembly of the Parliament.

The 70-article Law on the Execution of Penalties and Security Measures, which amend 11 laws, including the Law on execution, was approved by the General Assembly. The request for open voting put forward by the HDP, CHP, and IYI Party over the entire proposal was rejected.
Voting was done by electronically open voting. The proposal was approved with 279 yes and 51 no.
On Monday the third and final part of the proposal covering articles 55-70 was discussed. Discussion of the proposal saw articles 32, 46, 48, and 67 amended while article 54 was withdrawn.
A total of 210 amendments were rejected by the AKP-MHP.