Bülbül to Süleyman Soylu: Go launch a sit in at Kandil


VAN - HDP Antalya MP Kemal Bülbül who spoke at the Democracy Watch launched to protest the appointment of the trustees, addressed the Minister of Interrior Suleyman Soylu who visited the mothers sitting in front of Diyarbakır HDP Provincial Building, said: " Süleyman Soylu! Take your accomplices and go launch a sit in at Kandil. The boys are not in Diyarbakır, they are in Kandil."

The Democracy Watch launched in Van against the trustees is on its 29th day.Co-mayors, HDP MPs, Peace Mothers, HDP members, TJA members, KAYYDER represantatives and many citizens participated in the watch today held in front of İpekyolu District building. HDP Antalya MP Kemal Bülbül who spoke at the sit in, said they are performing a legitimate action against the trustee coup for 29 days.

Bülbül, referring to Soylu's Diyarbakır visit, addressed the crowd and said: "You all should go sit at Süleyman Soylu's door. Tell him 'you are not a minister to sit at HDP's door, you are there to find actual solutions to actual problems'. Süleyman Soylu and his accomplices are committing crimes against the Kurdish community , to democracy every minute of every day. They are committing a crime using those people whose children have gone to the mountains to join PKK. We are telling those mothers in Diyarbakır, don't sit in front of the door, come inside. HDP is a place where we persue solution. That is why Süüleyman Soylu is here, because he could not find a solution."

Bülbül who continued addressing Soylu who visited the families in front of the HDP building, said: "Süleyman Soylu! Take your accomplices and go launch a sit in at Mountain Kandil. Those boys are in Kandil, not in Diyarbakır. This is not the way to do politics. Süleyman Soylu located a water cannon on every street corner and says no one supports HDP. Take away those torture devices, take away your police, stop taking people into custody randomly, stop the torture and the pressure and see how Van takes the streets. You can not teach us politics. You are a political recruitment. You came to AKP cursing Tayyip Erdoğan. You ganged up with Fettullah Gülen and tried to hit AKP. Now you are ganging up with AKP and try to hit us. This is not politics. this is clownery, this is trickery."

Bülbül continued: "We will take our municipalities back. Either via elections or law. We will not let this unlawfulness. Let this shining sun, those moving leaves and the people of Van and the world be our witness, Süleyman Soylu and his mentality will lose. The people will win. Equality, freedom, peace and justice will win!"