Önlü: The stance of organized parties and organized community will yield results against attacks

ANKARA - HDP Co-Chair Alican Önlü who stated that two main problems were identified at the organizational conference which are 'centralization' and 'representation', said HDP aims a strong party and community organization.
People's Democratic Party (HDP) held their 1st Central Organization Conference in Diyarbakır, after they held the 7 regional conferences. lican Önlü, HDP Co-Chair in charge of Organization, evaluated the conference process to the Mesopotamia Agency (MA).
Önlü recalled the political conditions in the period when HDP was founded and said, “There was a solution process. The negotiation process in those conditions provided a wide range of action. There was no need for a strong organization. The conjuncture contributed to the growth of HDP. What were these? During the talks in İmralı, Mr Öcalan intervened in politics at that time. Again, society was involved. But after June 7, pressures and anti-democratic practices increased and struggle for basic human rights were blockaded. On the reverse of the conditions, an organized party and an organized community will be able to get results. Only an organized force can eliminate the attacks. We started our conferences in such a period when organized society needed an organized party."