HDP march in Ankara: Our people's determination, will and hope have grown even more


ANKARA -  HDP Co-Chairs Pervin Buldan and Mithat Sancar making a joint statement, said: "The society, all our people have seen the attitude of HDP, its determined and an uncompromising stance in democratic politics. And like that, the determination, will and hope of our people have grown even more."

The march initiated by the People's Democratic Party (HDP) from Hakkari and Edirne on June 15 reached Ankara. HDP members and dozens of democratic mass organizations met in the Parliament Park for the last event of the "Democracy March".

HDP Central Executive Committee member İlknur Birol said: "We started our march for democracy from Hakkari and Edirne. And today we are at the park of the parliament, the heart of the parliament. And we show that we will continue our struggle in every area of democratic politics."

A greeting was sent to Leyla Güven, Musa Farisoğulları and Enis Berberloğlu who have been stripped of their MP status. HDP Co-Chairs Pervin Buldan and Mithat Sancar was welcomed with enthusiasm. Co-chairs announced their observations and the demands of the locals with a joint statement.

The highlights of the statement is as follows:

"We have prepared a 3-month Democratic Struggle Program that will continue from June 1 to September 1. The essence of this program is to defend democracy, rights and law, justice and freedoms against the coup politics. For this purpose, on June 1, we announced a declaration of 9-items on our democracy ground and called for common struggle for all those who were uncomfortable with what's going on today.


For the economic and social rights of millions who cannot get along, for the demands of employement of millions, for a democratic solution to the Kurdish problem, for a democratic constitution and for all individuals who wants free and equal citizenship, for women, for the youth, for the labourers, for the poor, for the unemployed.


We have once again showed how important it is for the forces of democracy to be side by side in the struggle against the AKP- MHP government that is becoming more and more autoritarian. In this sense, the Democracy March has came into existance with the social struggle on the streets, in the parks and everywhere.

We dissappointed those who try to prevent this march from happening with perception operations and smear campaigns. And the determination, will and hope of our people have grown and we once again saw that we are right.


But overcoming all these obstacles, we have reached Ankara from Edirne and Hakkari from both sides of the country. We came together with our people, whose will has been usurped in 10 provinces and dozens of districts.

We have met with Bar Associations, humans' rights associations, institutions and associations of mothers whose childrens' graves were desecrated, industry and trade chambers, labor and professional organizations, unions, political parties, citizen initiatives; we exchanged ideas. Many of these institutions and organizations are with us now, side by side, shoulder to shoulder. We, together raised our struggle and did our part.


We are more determined than yesterday and more hopeful to defend our demands. We trust ourselves, our struggle history, our rightfulness, our social legitimacy, the support and determination of our people. For this reason, we do not finish our march here, we are taking the struggle to the next level. We will continue on our way without stopping and resting until we solve social problems.


Co-Chairs were applauded after their speech. The first phase of the democratic struggle program of HDP to continue until September 1 World peace Day have been completed.