Simultaneous call for prisoners in İstanbul


İSTANBUL - In the statement made for the prisoners in 3 different points in İstanbul, under the risk of pandemic, a demand was made for the necessary measures to be taken.

The Free Women Movement (TJA) and the Marmara Association for Solidarity with Prisoners and Convicted Families (MED- TUHAD) made simultaneous statements in Kartal, Fatih and Avcılar regarding the pressures against prisons.
In the statement made in front of the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) Fatih District Organization Building by TJA Activists, HDP MP Hüda Kaya, HDP Provincial Co-Chair Elif Bulut and the relatives of prisoners, the isolation was protested with banners written in Turkish and Kurdish. The release of the sick prisoners were demanded.
TJA activist Süreya Kılınç who read the statement,  said that PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan and political prisoners' rights to life were violated with the Enforcement Law passed by the AKP-MHP votes. Stating that the violations of rights have increased in prisons while the isolation have grown deeper, Kılınç said: "Us mothers, women and the relatives of the prisoners, call upon the government to apply the principle of equality as soon as possible and demand the release of sick prisoners and the prisoners who are older than 65. 
HDP MP Hüda Kaya drew attention to the danger of infection in prisons, said: "The prisoners does not even have water to wash their hands.The new law of execution which is an unjust, unequal law must be replaced with a new egalitarian regulation. The people who have relatives in prisons are in great pain. Therefore, the lives of those in prison must be guaranteed as soon as the parliament is open."