Şen, whose mother was assaulted: My 90-year-old mother will not kneel

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  • 11:46 16 February 2020
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ŞIRNAK - Idil Municipality Co-Mayor Murat Şen,appointed for his position later a trustee, whose 90-year-old mother Fatim Şen was assaulted said, “This people have never fallen on their knees. My 90-year-old mother will not kneel, nor will she say 'mercy'".

Police who stormed Şen's house yesterday in İdil district of Şırnak assaulted and attacked his 90-year-old mother Fatim Şen and Abdurrahim Şen as they made his brother Nurettin Şen wait outside in the cold weather for half an hour. Abdurrahim Şen and his mother, Fatim Şen, get ready to file a criminal complaint about the police by ontaining a medical report from the hospital due to being beaten.
Reacting to the situation his family was exposed, Co-MAyor Murat Şen summarized the police raid by the words, "They have applied terrorism at home." Expressing that the police mad her mother open the ark in the house and as they could not find anything in there, they closed lid on his mother's hand causing her hand injure. Şen said, “This is not acceptable. They are afraid. But this fear will be their end. These people have never bowed and kneeled. My 90-year-old mother will not kneel as well."
Expressing that that they have done to his mother was conscious, Şen said that his family wanted to be frightened. Şen said, “They will find their end with this fear of theirs. The fascist block of AKP, by the hand of police, does not even recognize the laws of Republic of Turkey. White Toros cars (White Toros has a spesific reference to those deadly kidnapping and losing of Kurdish people in 1990s as many people were kidnapped by White Toros cars and drawn to mostly their death.) in Van yesterday and people who injured 90-year-old mother in İdil today do not accept the law of the country. We will not let them get away with this. They will give the account for this right before the law."
Noting that his brother, who made wait for half an hour on the cold snow, Şen stated that the neighbours, who were witnessing the events were also threatened by the police. Şen said they would file a criminal complaint against the police.