Message from Alınak in custody: I'm in a fight of honor

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  • 18:08 14 February 2020
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KARS - Writer and politician Mahmut Alınak, who has been in custody for two days, sent a message, "The fight for honor has always been a part of me since my childhood. I am in the fight for honor. Intellectuals like me have to be arrested. Don't worry about me."

The custody duration of Kurdish Writer and Politician Mahmut Alınak is extended until Monday, while his file is declared as confidential. Alınak was taken into custody by the raid on his house the previous day. He sent a message from custody through his lawyer, who met with him today.


Alınak's lawyer Bişar Alınak, who is also the son of Alınak told, "My father's health is okay and his mood is high. There were about 50 police, scorpions and special action teams during our house's search was continuing. It was an operation just like a war operation. Even this practice is the misapplication of the rights arising from the law. In addition, the lengthening of the custody duration is also a sign of this misapplication. That is why we did not file an appeal for the custody. We are sure that our appeals mean nothing in such a law system of ours like today where the laws have been taken on hold. Moreover, stating an appeal means to legitimize this unlawfullness.


Already taken into custody 9 times and arrested and sued against for dozens of times, Alınak's book titled as “Mehmet Tunç and Bêkes”, which tells the life story of Cizre People's Assembly chief Mehmet Tunç and his brother Orhan Tunç, was banned. Then the 22nd Istanbul High Criminal Court prepared a bill of indictment on behalf of Alınak with the allegations of "making propaganda for the organization" and "insulting the Turkish Republic state". All articles included in the book were also considered as crimes. 68-year-old Alınak is being kept in custody on charges of "being a member of an organization".