Father of Rabia Naz and the journalists are released on probation

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  • 09:52 15 November 2019
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NEWS CENTER - Taken into custody in Giresun, journalists Canan Coşkun and Tuğba Demir, documentary filmmaker Kazım Kızıl and Şaban Vatan, the father of Rabia Naz, have been released on probation by the judgeship after bearing testimony.

Detained in the district of Eynesil in Giresun on November 13, journalist Canan Coşkun, KHK TV reporter Tuğba Demir and documentary filmmaker Kazım Kızıl were referred to the Görele Penal Judgeship of Peace yesterday evening (November 14). Taken into custody yesterday, Şaban Vatan, who has been striving to solve the suspicious death of his 11-year-old-daughter Rabia Naz, was also referred to the judgeship.
Bearing testimony to the Görele Penal Judgeship of Peace, all four of the detained were released at around 11 p.m. yesterday. The judgeship has ruled that they shall be released with an international travel ban and on the condition that they do not go near the witness's house.
Coşkun, Demir and Kızıl were taken into custody in Eynesil, where they went to investigate the suspicious death of Rabia Naz Vatan together with the Parliamentary Council tasked with inspecting suspicious death of children, especially that of Rabia Naz. In her deposition at the police station, Coşkun was asked about her meeting with Mürsel Küçükal, a witness in the investigation. Coşkun was charged with "blackmailing, threat, causing injury on purpose, insult, and depriving a person of his/her freedom".
Speaking to bianet from the Eynesil Police Station, Canan Coşkun said that all digital materials such as portable modems, mobile phones, power banks, and cameras and the videos filmed were confiscated. "They also confiscated a bag of Kazım Kızıl, taking the coat of arms of Hamburg Film Festival on the bag as 'crime evidence'", Coşkun added.