Bombing in Kobané, armed attack in Serêkaniyê

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  • 10:08 10 October 2019
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KOBANÊ / SERÊKANIYÊ - The TSK bombed the villages of Kobanê during the night and made violent cannon shots at Aşme village where Süleyman Şah Tomb is located. Serêkaniyê is experiencing violent clashes.

The Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) launched an operation against North and East Syria and continued with the bombing of F-16 fighter planes towards civilian settlements throughout the night. Following the announcement of the “Land operation” by the Ministry of National Defense, there were violent clashes in Kobanê, Serêkaniyê and Gire Spî, where howitzers and cannons were fired from land.
The village of Serêkaniyê's Til Xelef was bombed by fighter planes during the night. Turkey backed Free Syrian Army members tried to get into Serêkaniyê all through the night. ISIS also started attacking.