Volunteer reporter campaign from JINNEWS: Let's raise our voice together

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  • 11:57 19 September 2019
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NEWS DESK - JINNEWS, the only women's agency in Turkey started a volunteer reporter campaign. The agency called for solidarity for the women to raise their voice together.

The statement made by the agency announcing the campaign under the title 'Become a volunteer reporter to JINNEWS and lets raise our voices together' is as follows:
“As women, we are going through a period of attacks on our rights and lives. While on one hand the İstanbul Convention is sought to be withdrawn, which is a result of the struggle of the women, on the other hand women are being slaughtered, subjected to violence. The violations of rights of the women are being legitimized. Against these attacks, women do not step back from their struggle.
For centuries, the policies against the women, the children, the nature, the struggle for freedom and inequality have continued to rise.
We, the women of JINNWES are in this struggle within the press.We transform our anger against the violence we are subjected to, our anger against the media legitimizing our massacre, the judiciary that whitewashes our killers to to our work and expose those facts.In this process where our rights and political gains are sought to be regressed as women, as the whole society, we took the lead with the strength we get from our feminist identities, from our brave colleagues, from the wome's agencies that were closed down onn October 25, 2017. As we leave our two years behind, we continue to claim to be a platform where women make their voices heard.  In line with this claim, while making women's labor and resistance visible, we know that we are not alone in exposing these policies of violence and oppression against women.
During this period where the violence against women increases as well as the impunity, let's raise our voices together in solidarity!
Let's share our videos and photographs of which the women are the subjects. Let's make the identity of women visible together. We are calling on to the women to  be in solidarity with their own agency JINNWES and be our volunteer reporters. All you have to do is to become more powerful with us with the successes and the struggles and the stories you witness of women. Share with us the violations of rights of women, children, animals.
Our WhatsApp notification number: 0530 235 66 56