'We went there for peace and got dragged into custody'

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  • 16:12 18 September 2019
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DİYARBAKIR - While the democracy watch continues on its 31st day against the appointment of trustees, one of the mothers, Aysel Tufan, who participates in the sit in in front of AKP said they went there for peace and got dragged into custody.
The Democracy Watch against the trustees in Diyarbakır, Van and Mardin appointed by the Ministry of Interrior continues on its 31st day. HDP Deputies, KDP-Bakur President Sertaç Bucak, Mothers with white head scarves, Peace Mothers Assembly and many citizens attended the sit in staged in Lise Street.
Mother Aysel Tufan who was battered and detained in front of AKP Diyarbakır Provincial bilding yesterday, stated that they went there for peace but got dragged into custody instead and said: "They tortured us in front of the building, in the police vehicle and the police station. Some of the things they said made us mortified on their behalf. They were not mortified though. We want our children in prison, we want the bones of our children that were killed. The mothers in front of HDP Diyarbakır building should join us in front of AKP and we can demand our children together. We don't want anyone to die. We want peace. We are here to lay claims to our wills."
Following the speeches, a 10-minute sit-in was held.