The condition of journalist Ayık, who is 76 persent disabled and imprisoned is getting worse

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  • 14:12 12 August 2022
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ANKARA- Stating that her disabled son condition is getting worse day by day the mother of journalist disabled and seriously ill Devrim Ayık, Hülya Ayık said: "Are they waiting for the dead body of Devrim, like other ill prisoners."
The ill prisoners aren't released despite their serious illness and disability. One of the seriously ill prisoners who should be released from prison as soon as is 31-year-old journalist Devrim Ayık. In 2015, while Ayık was distributing the Özgür Halk Magazine, he was detained on the grounds of "being a memeber of terrorist organization". Ayık was held in different prison and he was released in 2018 due to his health conditions.
Ayık has intestinal diseases and 30 degrees of myopia in his left eyes. Ayık was sentenced to 12 years in prison at the hearing held in June. The mother of Ayık, Hülya Ayık said: "My son has diffuculty breathing and her illness is getting worse day by day. Devrim caught the coronavirus and the prisoners in his ward are ill. The coronavirus made his breathing worse. There are self-poisoning microbes in his intestine and there isn't cure for it. The prison food makes his intestine worse. His disease affected his teeth. Even with the bites, his teeth break."
Ayık attorney, Kasım Sağlam said: "All ill prisoners should be released and Devrim also should be released. The unjustice should be ended. We objected to the 12-year sentence but our objections were rejected. Within the scope of the file, there is no evidence for 'being a member of terrorist organisation', and there are no basic criteria to support the organisation. A trial is not conducted.”