ÇHD: Ünsal and Timtik left for dead

İSTANBUL - ÇHD made a statement and said that Aytaç Ünsal and EBru Timtik who were taken to hospital against their will and left there without a companion, are left for dead. 
Reactions against the hospitalization of Ünsal and Timtik, who weren't released by the court even though the Forensic Medicine Institude report states that they are not in a state to maintain their lives in prison continue.
In the statement made by the Contemporary Lawyers Association (ÇHD) on social media, it was stated that both lawyers are left for dead alone in the hospital and their families, friends and colleagues are not being informed.
ÇHD statement is as follows: "Ebru and Aytaç were able to meet their needs like hygiene, water, sugar and salt with the help of their friends, but now they are left in a hospital room alone for the last 24 hours. Their life is at risk without a companion there to help them.
They weren't even able to get their vitamins, which are vital for their health and were taken to hospitals, one of which is a pandemic hospital. We have no information on their health. They do not allow their attorneys and families to see them."