3500 trees will be chopped down in Diyarbakır for structuring

DİYARBAKIR - 3.500 trees some of which are more than a hundred years old will be chopped down for structuring. ZMO Branch President Samed Ucaman stated that the chopping of the trees can only be explained as ill intention.
The 9th District Directorate campus of Highways, which was built in the first years of the establishment of the Republic in Diyarbakır, will now be opened to vertical settlement after the Central Mosque, as the biggest mosque in Diyarbakır, was built. The campus located on the green belt line in Anıt Park, the old stadium and Sümer Park  was cut in the north-south line of the city, and the campus located in the green belt line in Sümer Park was opened for construction in 2013 by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. The remaining 59 thousand 189 square meters of the campus was opened for reconstruction in the pandemic process 3 years after the foundation of the Central Mosque, which has a 4-storey and 20 thousand-person capacity, on an area of ​​28,500 square meters, was laid on April 1, 2017. While 500 of the 5 thousand trees, including 100-year-old trees, were cut as a result of the construction of the mosque in the Highways campus, the remaining 3 thousand 500 trees will be cut.
11 registered buildings that are located 300 meters from the city walls of Sur district were removed from the list of the registered buildings by the Cultural Heritage Conservation Board, with the mosque project.These structures were demolished before the mosque construction. With the mosque being built on a 28 thousand square area in an area of 87 thousand squares, the 7 blocks in the remaining 59 thousand 189 square meter area were demolished and 8 storey buildings will be built there, instead of 4 storey building as it was before.
Providing information on the opening of the site for construction, the Chamber of Agricultural Engineers (ZMO) Diyarbakır President Samed Ucaman noted that thousands of trees in the campus were cut and registered buildings were destroyed, and as a continuation of this, a demolition decision was made for the 3,500 trees in the campus and this was put into action.
Ucaman said that despite the repeated statements, warnings and legal processes they initiated about the opening of the city's green and historical areas for construction,the government and all its institutions had turned a blind eye and insisted on the implementation of this decision.
MA / Fethi Balaman