The door of the HDP member marked by 'Turkish flag'


DERSİM - As the star and the crescent symbols of the Turkish flag was drawn on the door of HDP-member Feride Kıt's house, the Kurdish woman told that this is more than a coincidence, she shared that she is anxious about this anonymous act by which she thinks she has been given a 'message'.

Feride Kıt lives in the Gazik Neighborhood in the center of Turkey's eastern province Dersim. When she got out in the morning she noticed a Turkish was drawn on the door of the three-floor apartment where Kıt is the only resident. Kıt shared her feelings of anxiety to be targeted and labeled after the uncanny incident whose perpetrators remains unknown. 
There have been many previous incidents in Turkey that perpetrators marked the houses of ethnic or religious minorities as a sign of threat and labeling as part of nationalist-sectarian purposes.
Stating that her door was chosen to be drawn the flag was not a coincident the Kurdish woman who is a member of Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) said, "This is not something kids do for fun. Even if that was a kid, someone must have directed the kid. Whoever did this, tries to give me a message. This is not a coincident and there is a reason. I am a member of HDP and my door was marked. I am concerned since I saw this mark on my door since the morning."
Reminding that police disturbed her 3 years ago by pulling a armoured vehicle in front of her house Kıt said, "A panzer pulled over right in front of my balcony. I thought if they wanted to throw something into my house," and asked, "What I am concerned about is: Did the police marked my door? Why did they choose to mark our door?"