Mortal shell and mine ready to explode found in Diyarbakır

DİYARBAKIR - A mortar shell and mine, which have not exploded yet were found in the rural area in Live district of Diyarbakır.
An unexploded mortar and mine were found in the rural area in Lice district of Turkey's Kurdish-majority Diyarbakır province. The citizens who went for a tour have discovered 2 unexploded mines and 2 mortar shells in the area close to the Lice Regiment Command. 
The mines and mortar shells, which are seen to have rust, being found in the areas where shepherds graze their animals have caused concern. Waste food, empty water bottles and cans are observed around the places where the military objects are located.
11-year-old Yusuf Yıldırak, a shepherd kid who went to the pasture between Serin (Pirik) and Ziyaret neihborhoods in Lice to graze his animals, lost his life on the 31st of March as a result of the explosion of the dangerous ammunition left behind by the Turkish army.