Demos in front of AKP buildings spreads

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  • 13:32 18 September 2019
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ANKARA/ KAYSERİ - Cemal Yıldırım who was dismissed from his job with a law decree and the mothers of military school students who were sentenced to life in jail were to stage a sit in in front of AKP Ankara Provincial Presidency were taken under custody. 4 mothers were hurled out of the grounds by the police. 

Cemal Yildirim, a member of the BES Labor Union (BES) who was exported from his job and the mothers of the Air Force Academy students who were sentenced to life in prison were to stage a sit in in front of AKP Ankara Provincial Presidency. Both Cemal Yıldırım and the mothers were taken into custody. One of the mothers removed from the grounds said they will come back everyday and more crowded.
Melek Çetinkaya, mother of Furkan Çetinkaya who was sentenced to life, stood in front of Cemal Yıldırım while he was being dragged into custody and said 'What did he do? He wants his job back. You can't take him anywhere!' and ended up under custody like Yıldırım while protecting him.
One of the mothers who was taken into custody, Sanem Denizkural, reacted the the police dragging her and said: "Those mothers in Diyarbakır are mothers and we are not? We want our children back. We will continue coming here until we get our children back!"
The names of the detainees are: Melek Çetinkaya, Emine Uyanık, Sanem Denizkural and Cemal Yıldırım.
On the other hand, the mother of 4 students who came together in front of the AKP Kayseri Provincial Building, was removed from from the grounds as well. The police who kicked the mothers out said they will be given an appointment soon.

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