I can't keep silent: We will continue producing

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  • 10:00 9 September 2019
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İSTANBUL - Samet Özbil, one of the rappers performed in the song 'I can't keep silent', said they will continue to produce more in order to draw attention to social problems. 
The song 'I can't keep silent' 19 rappers including Şanışer recorded in order to draw attention to social problems like femicide, animals' rights, climate change and health, listened to by 13 million people in a short time period.  The track, which has aroused great repercussions, also ranked 1st in the list of trends in social media.
Samet Özbil who sang the parts #Education and #Suicide of the song, said they will continue to produce more in order to draw attention to social problems. 
Özbil who stated that the idea of the project belongs to Şanışer, said: "We were alreadt producing music together with Şanışer. He told me about the project with some other friends. In total it took around 2 months after the initial meeting. Everyhing developed very quickly. We did not expect this kind of publicity. We were also surprised that it had such a public impact."
Özbil who stated that they tried to adress all social problems in the project, said: "There are all kinds of people in the song. Both from the left and the right wing. Everyone did their part accordingly with their ideology. I did the parts about education and suicide. Everyday a new private university opens but the teachers who are not being appointed are committing suicide on a daily basis. We have to create solutions starting from the most basic level. Özbil stated that they will try to eliminate the income inequality by donating the revenues of the project to the village schools.
Özbil expressed that there are many issues left untouched in the song but some of the critisim about the song was unfair, said: "The song lacked the issue with the LGBTİ. There are some more we did not work on. But this doesn't mean the song is bad. I am so proud of this project. We will continue to produce more in order to draw attention to social problems." 

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